03 May 2007

Marian The Librarian

As part of my temp job at WDAS, I am in charge of the Library on the 2nd Flr Concourse.

I have spent two afternoons shelving new and returned books since taking on this gig and there are just a few things that are driving me crazy.

First, the call numbers are not in alphabetical order. This just drives me crazy when I am shelving books because call numbers that begin with C are between W and T. Really! Who thought of this system?

Second, people re-shelve their own books. There is a sign that clearly states to leave returned books on a specific bookshelf next to the check-in computer, but people don't listen. The problem is that they also don't re-shelve them where they are supposed to go. This makes my job harder when it's time for me to re-shelve.

Third, there's no room for the books. Seriously. Today I had to put a book on a shelf two stacks over because there was no room any closer. See above for how irritated I'm going to be next time I have to put something on that shelf.

We have an intern coming for the summer and I think re-organising the Library is the perfect task for us to do together (or for her to do with the permanent person if I have gone by then). I think I will mention that at the next weekly staff.

The funny thing about this job is that I worked in the Library in High School and in College and it is deja vu all over again to be doing it now.

Everything old is new again...

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