29 April 2007

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Softball season is here. We had our first game today which we won 15-5. This game and next week's determine which league we will play in. We are pretty recreational players, not overly competitive, and don't enjoy playing in the upper leagues where the teams are much more serious about winning. Hopefully our success today won't affect our placement in a negative way.

I had a good day. I walked (thrown out at home) and singled (left on second).

We have some new players this year and they were great today. I am really looking forward to the season. I miss the people who aren't playing with us anymore, but I'm looking forward to quality time with my ol' dugout pals.

To top off the start of the season, I am going to see the Dodgers tomorrow night. It's my first experience with their new parking system so we'll see how that goes.

Play Ball!

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