21 March 2008

Me llamo Tsarina

Buenos dias! Me llamo Tsarina. Soy de Los Estados Unidos. Tengo un hermano. Se llama Esteban. Yo no tengo una hermana. Soy soltera. Trabajo en un station de radio. Me gusta mi trabajo. Adios! Hasta Pronto!

I feel like I have really learned a lot since I started listening to Coffee Break Spanish.

Today we had the lesson on where we work and they didn't cover accounting or radio stations so I asked that Spanish-speaking co-worker again and I used his answer above.

I feel so confident about my learning of Spanish that I even updated my resume to say I am currently learning Spanish.


20 March 2008


In preparation for my trip to Spain in November, I have begun learning Spanish. I am using the podcast "Coffee Break Spanish" from Radio Lingua and it is really great!

I listen on my way to work or on my lunch hour (where I feel less self-conscious repeating "Soy de Los Estados Unidos", etc.).

I have already impressed a co-worker by saying "Hasta Manana" at the end of the workday.

Check them out at coffeebreakspanish.com.

Adios y Hasta Pronto!