27 May 2007

The Age of Aquarius

I felt like I was in a flashback to my youth at the Topanga Days Country Fair this weekend. The majority of the attendees were dressed in their hippie garb. They were dancing, and drinking, and smoking weed. But it wasn't a flashback. In fact the majority of the hippies that we saw weren't alive during the Summer Of Love so they couldn't even be nostalgic about it. My friends and I remarked on the number of scantily clad young women dancing up front who kept falling out of their clothing and kept right on dancing!

Yesterday was Indie Rock day. The music was fabulous, especially Minibar! It was a good day for celebrity sightings as well. There was an Indian food stand that had yummy berry tea and I got the best 10 minute massage of my life. She spent the whole time on my number one trouble spot.

We plan to go back on Monday. I may even dig up something paisley from my closet!

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