23 January 2008

Fresno Bee Endorses McCain & Edwards

Today the Fresno Bee stated that McCain was the best choice among Republicans and Edwards the best choice among Democrats.

See for yourself:


22 January 2008

Martin Luther King III praises John Edwards

If you read the letter from Martin Luther King III, you will see why I have chosen to support John Edwards for President.


Thank you.

12 January 2008

Concannon Wines

Tonight I was browsing my wine bar and decided to open a bottle of Concannon Limited Release Pinot Noir 2005. I think I was inspired to purchase this wine by a story on Women & Wine Radio. I have to say that I am impressed. When I opened the wine, the first thing that impressed me was the cork. It is really quite pretty with the vineyard logo imprinted on it. But when I poured it, I noticed what a beautiful ruby colour it was, and it looked so nice in the glass. Plus, with a glass now out of the bottle, the embossing of the logo on the bottle was more easily visible, also quite pretty.

But really what counts is the taste, right? This is SMOOTH. I am sipping it and it is just lovely.

So if you are ever in the Livermore Valley, or if you come across Concannon in your local wine purveyor's establishment, I highly recommend it!!

08 January 2008

New Year's Eve

I finally made it to New Year's Eve at the Daily Pint with Minibar. What have I been doing all those other years? This was the most fun I have had on New Year's Eve in quite some time.

Thank you to the 'Bar, to their families and friends, and especially to the Thursday Night Girls & Mr. Palmer for dragging me out of my house!

Blueberry Martinis for everyone!