05 June 2007

Travels With My Aunt

My aunt has always wanted to go to Salt Lake City to try and find more information about her Irish grandmother (my great-grandmother). This year when I banked my timeshare week, I was given a free week and one of the places I could go was Salt Lake City. So I phoned her and asked if she would like to go.

This quickly put me out in front for "Niece of the Year"!

Airlines being what they are these days, though, our flight schedules couldn't seem to quite match up. She landed first, got the rental car (she got a free upgrade to the exact make and model she drives at home) and then had about an hour and half to kill before I landed.

After locating a Starbucks and getting her bearings, it was time to swing back by the airport for me.

We were both hungry and we were sure we would find someplace on our way up the mountain to our resort, but alas and alack, there was nothing.

When we checked in, our rooms were not ready and they sent us over to the Center to get lunch. By this time it is after 2pm. We drive over and park and find a restaurant at 2:35 only to be told, they stop serving at 2:30.

Everyone directs us to the deli, but she can't eat bread so that is not an option, and we can't buy food and cook it either.

Finally, some nice young men paving the parking lot come to our aid and we are directed to the next hotel over. The valet there, when he hears our troubles, vows that if the restaurant is closed, he will get us something himself, but it is indeed open.

Our server Matt was super friendly and said we were welcome to sit there until our room was ready.

My aunt was really suffering form dehydration and the altitude so she just wanted to lie down. After our meal, she did just that on a banquette outside the restaurant while I went to a house phone to call about our rooms.

They were ready so we came back and checked in.

Our rooms are fabulous! We have a one bedroom apartment with two full bathrooms, fireplace and two balconies. Plenty of space so we aren't tripping over each other constantly and two tvs so we don't even have to watch the same movies!

I walked back over to the center to pick up something snacky for dinner and decided to try Polygamy Porter (why have just one?).
The name is better than the beer, but the label is great!

We pretty much went to bed right after dinner. We had been up very late, and we plan to be in Salt Lake City by 8:30 in the morning.

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