14 June 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Make It Stop!)

I woke up Wednesday morning and couldn't see anything out the window. It was a definite White Out!

By the time, it stopped snowing, sometime Thursday afternoon mind you, we had 14 inches of snow and 2.5 inches of rain. FOURTEEN inches in June!

Luckily, we had books, magazines, Netflix, tv, and a computer to entertain ourselves, but by the end of the second day we were clamoring to escape our mountain retreat.

I ventured forth Thursday evening to our faroff parking place and retrieved bottled water from the trunk (we had run out). I got all the snow and ice off the trunk, but left the engine and roof for the next day (big mistake).

I would just like to extend a warm thanks to the sister of my friend. Said sis keeps me well-supplied in "throwaway" novels. I was never more grateful than on this particular occasion. Unfortunately, my aunt read them all the first day and she was quite bored by day two. I had managed to save one novel for day two so I was able to entertain myself.

We planned a full day for Friday and looked forward to being able to leave the mountain.

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