07 June 2007

My Own Private Idaho

What does one do on a Sunday morning in the Salt Lake Valley? Why, one goes to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, naturally!

That's just what my aunt and I did. We went to see the live performance of "Music & The Spoken Word". I have seen the Mormon Tabernacle Choir many times on TV, but it was absolutely thrilling to see them live. They are so wonderful. And the Tabernacle is such a beautiful concert hall. If you are ever in Salt Lake City, I highly recommend it!

We finished there about 10:30am and it was supposed to be a very hot day plus my aunt was not quite adjusted to the altitude yet. We decided that it would be a good day to drive out to the Golden Spike Historic Site. I pointed out to my aunt that it was only 40 more miles to Idaho so...

Now there are only 8 states that I have never visited: Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine, West Virginia, and the Carolinas.

Unfortunately, there was no exit near the state line so we had to make an "emergency" u-turn.

Then we were off the to the Golden Spike site at Promontory Summit. We drove the auto tour and you should have seen us! I don't think the guy at the rental counter expected us to be driving on a historic railroad grade! But it was worth it to see the spot where 1500 men laid 10 miles of track in one single day. We paused to remember all of the Chinese and Irish immigrants who gave their lives to build the trans-continental railroad.

By the time we got back to town, we had just enough energy to lay in provisions for our kitchen and head back up the mountain.

We have a fair bit of research to tackle before we meet with the genealogist on Tuesday.

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