11 June 2007

Please Give Blood!

My cousin was in the hospital last week and needed four pints of blood. I thought this was a good opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of donating blood.

The United States is in a severe blood shortage mode at the moment. Blood only lasts so long and the supply needs to be continually replenished. If there were to be a major emergency in any given state, there could be a crisis situation as far as blood is concerned.

You can make a difference in your own community by going to your local blood donation center or calling the Red Cross 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to find a donation center near you.

They will help you determine if you are eligible to give blood and if you are, they will give you all of the pertinent information about donating (how often you can donate, etc.)

If you are unable to give blood, you can still help. You can encourage others to donate blood and you can volunteer at the Blood donation center. They often need people to help process donors. You can also organise a blood drive at your place of worship or workplace or school.

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