27 June 2008

June 18-27, 2008

June 18 - Wedding shower for a co-worker at lunch today. Lucky girl is getting married in Trinidad!

June 19th - An evening free at home to catch up on laundry and all the chores I know I won't get to this weekend cuz I have big plans. Normally chores wouldn't be a best thing but it's good to get them done!

June 20th - A fine evening to celebrate S's birthday with The British Empire and Sprinkles cupcakes!

June 21st - A Wonderful day at the Irish Fair. Great to see the guys from Brother, friends from the 2006 Ireland trip, the GAT 5, and everyone else.

June 22nd - Suite day at Dodger Stadium!! Not only did the Dodgers win, but I made it to batting practice for softball and we won too! Finished Round 1 3-2. Go Heat!

June 23rd - Another great walk at GP with MAD - D a no show again. Plus it was roomie's first day at her new job!! Not the one she REALLY wanted, but it sounds like it might be fun.

June 24th - Managed to wait until afternoon to tear my contact lens. So at least I could work the rest of the day without much difficulty.

June 25th - Saw George Michael in concert. Even though it was really hot, and i had to wear my glasses because my eyelid was swollen, the show was REALLY good. And it was George's birthday too. We saw Lisa Rinna & Dr. Phil.

June 26th - home sick with sore eye. I guess the best thing about that is that I could watch Wimbledon.

June 27th - saw Dr today. I am not contagious. I do not have conjunctivitis. I do have blepharitis. I now also have drugs. Unfortunately, I can't wear contacts or makeup for two weeks. And I probably shouldn't think about staying out too late anytime soon.

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