13 June 2008

Jun 9-12, 2008

Catching up again...

June 9 - I finished month-end close on time today! No extensions and no OT needed! Yay!

June 10 - The best thing to day was no traffic on the way home. I left later than usual but got home sooner than usual. Everyone must be saving gas and driving less.

June 11 - Finally got to walk at Griffith Park with MAD today. Haven't been able to both make it on the same day since we stopped with the end of DST in November. But her after-work thing cancelled and I was free so we made it! Nice to see the Disney Tri Team out there as well. Plus, I got to have a nice phone chat with an old friend now living in the Midwest while on my way to the park.

June 12 - Got the last legitimate charge on my Visa card before it was stolen today: a shipment from Churon Winery. It included my favourite 2003 Vin Rouge which I opened and began enjoying immediately. Yummy. Got the new Visa card too.

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