18 June 2008

June 14-17, 2008

More catch ups on the best thing:

June 14th - Today was our HVN kids event. We took the boys to Dave & Busters which was really fun! Kids events are always a Best Thing!

June 15th - L's birthday and Father's day so we had cupcakes at softball. We lost the game and there were some really bad calls, but cupcakes can make up for a lot. It was nice to celebrate two good things at least!

June 16th - Today's best thing is that my roomie finally had a job interview for a job that she really would like. She has been looking a long while and things always seem to be "okay for right now, but not for long term". I am really happy that this time she seems to have found something that she wants to do. I hope she gets it!

June 17th - Today I had the day off and that was the best thing because, in addition to having my last dental appointment until October, I was also able to take care of all those little things that one must do during business hours that I can't do because I am at work. The only thing that didn't get done was getting the AC fixed, but I am hopeful that will be done soon. Otherwise, a lot of tasks got accomplished and that was good!!


marketing said...

Well, don't keep us wondering? Did your roomie get the job?

Her Imperial Highness said...

Sadly, she didn't. She just found out on Friday. But she did get another job that starts today so that's something, just not the one she wanted.