17 March 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I went to one of my favourite Irish Pubs to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Celtic Lasses who are on a road trip for the High Hooley day throughout our lovely state. Unfortunately, we were not the only people who decided to celebrate at the same time and place! For the first time in my life, there was a line to get in to this particular establishment!

So, instead of seeing an Irish band while we ate brunch, we went to the mainstay of road trip cuisine, Denny's, and had plain old breakfast.

Then the two of us who were more local went shopping and the rest of the lasses continued on their hooley way.

And so I am celebrating instead in the comfort of my own home. A round of Jameson for the house!

And if you ever find yourself in want of good pint in the San Fernando Valley, and perhaps some good Irish music to wash it down, I still recommend Ireland's 32, but please, don't go on St. Patirck's Day!

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