21 May 2008

A secret DWTS fan?

Have I converted the roomie into a DWTS watcher? Now she says that it's because she can't watch anything else while it's recording on the Tivo. And that is true. Although the Tivo has two tuners, it isn't really compatible with our DirecTV service and so it only works on one tuner.

However, not only have I come out of my room, where I am watching it on the basic cable connection, to find her watching it in the living room, but I have also come home to find her watching it in progress when I wasn't even there.

So she must secretly want to watch it. Because she could be watching DVDs or something already recorded on the Tivo. Or, she could not be watching anything at all.

I await the beginning of Season 7 in September for further investigation on this subject.

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Her Imperial Highness said...

Follow-up: Roomie chastised me for deleting DWTS from the Tivo. She's a fan!