19 May 2008

Best Thing - May 19, 2008

Today was my birthday and there were a lot of really great things that happened today. I got a birthday song on my voicemail from my auntie. My boss took me out to lunch. I got to leave work spot on time. There was no traffic on the way home. The weather was cool enough to enjoy the walk to my birthday dinner. We got seated right away at the restaurant. I got really cool cards from my friends. The waiter gave me a dessert and had the piano player play Happy Birthday.

But the neatest thing of all was re-connecting with someone from High School via Facebook. They sent me a video message which was really cool. That was completely unexpected and so I think I am going to choose that as today's best thing.


Katharine said...

May I offer my belated congratulations on the occasion of your imperial highness's birthday? And was it a classmate from Emma Willard who found you on Facebook?

Her Imperial Highness said...

No - it was a classmate from SCHS which I only attended one year. Pretty amazing!