16 April 2007

It's a $mall world, after all

Yesterday, I took a friend to the Happiest Place On Earth for her birthday. She really wanted to go but all her Mouseketeer friends passes were blocked. I had some tickets left so I offered to take her. This was my first trip to the Magic Kingdom since leaving the Mouse House.

The first thing I noticed was how expensive everything was. I had completely forgotten that we would have to pay to park. It was all downhill from there. Everything cost more than I thought it should, except the caramels made by my pal Candy Man at the candy kitchen on Main Street.

How do real people pay for the merchandise and stuff?

Anyway, sticker shock aside, my first trip back was not only pretty painless, but I also got my best score EVER on Buzz Lightyear.

So it was a pretty good day.

Happy Birthday Bunny!

1 comment:

Mellie said...

Welcome back to the world of reality for the general Disney consumer.

Ya gotta realize just how much Disney fans are Disney fans, when you recognize how much they are willing to save up and shell out for a single day at the happiest place on Earth.

As the song reminds us: love hurts.