17 January 2009

Mi palapa es su palapa

Our first full day in Los Cabos. I am up at dawn. I made coffee and watched the sunrise. Very beautiful & relaxing.

I was just going to run down to La Plaza (the deli) when K got up and suggested we go to the Mega since it was cool and she was awake.

We walked up there and spent two hours as she shopped for souvenirs, groceries, etc.

I finally had to tell her that I was hungry and I needed to go back to the room.

We came back. I had some lunch. She had a few bites and we headed down to the beach.

The beach wasn't crowded at all and we had our choice of palapas. We laid out on the chaises longues for 4 hours! We had bloody marys and margaritas. We watched people riding horseback and guys playing volleyball. We even shopped from the vendors who walk the high tide line.

Then we went to the hot tub for about 15 minutes (one cycle of the button) and then back to the room to change for dinner.

It's K's birthday and we decide to dine at Flor de Noche - the poolside bar. We were sitting there at sunset having mojitos and iced tea. A wedding was taking place on the beach. It was lovely. We had chips & salsa, prawns & steak brochette. The waiter took our picture. Did I say it was lovely?

We watched them turn the lights on the palm trees and light the fire rings. Then we headed back up to the room.

K went to bed pretty soon after that. I watched "In Bruges" which I had brought with me from home. I had trouble figuring out how to get the DVD player to work until I realized that it wasn't plugged in to the TV. DUH! Anyway, I didn't really care for the film. It was just too violent. If it wasn't for the witty dialogue, I would have given it 1 star, but I gave it 2.

The busiest day of our whole trip is tomorrow: Owner breakfast, Drive in to Cabo, Sunset Cruise to El Arco, & shopping.

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