18 January 2009

Cabo Wabo

Friday morning I had the owner's breakfast. I ended up being there for five hours because after I upgraded they offered me a bottle of champagne and K came downstairs to have a little and they latched on to her. I was done in 90 minutes and the rest of the time was her. I told them she didn't have a credit card and when I was in the restroom they got her to call home and get the number. I think that was a little underhanded, but she told me last night that she is pretty sure that she will cancel as soon as we get home (she has until Friday).

We were there so long that they paid for our taxi to/from the sunset cruise.

The cruise was nice, except we were at El Arco at the completely wrong time of day for pictures. All of the pictures on my camera of us in front of the Arch are bad. So don't ever take Sun Rider Tours if you want a picture of yourself at the Arch at sunset. They are not at the Arch at sunset but so long before that the sun is directly behind the person having their picture taken.

The best part of the cruise was that we chased a pod of humpback whales. The video that I shot didn't turn out, but they were singing and that was REALLY cool.

We stayed out on the Pacific until sunset, then they came back in to the bay and it turned into a booze cruise with tequila being poured down the throats of anyone who would volunteer for it and line dancing and the lot.

After we got off the boat, K looked like death warmed over so we made our purchases as quickly as we could. This is difficult with a brain-injured person. She told me who she needed to buy for, but every time we walked in to a store she would pick up something for someone she had already bought for or hadn't mentioned. I let her buy the thing she wanted for herself but not the people who hadn't been on her list. I also wouldn't let her buy anything for someone she had already bought for unless it was very small indeed. Two hours later, I was exhausted and told her I needed the next taxi we could find.

We found the stand right in front of Cabo Wabo. Grabbed the first one and headed back to the resort.

A very exhausting day.

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