14 July 2008

June 29-July 14, 2008

Wow! Having an eye infection has made emailing so difficult that I have really been neglecting my blog. So here we go:

June 29th - Even though my softball team lost today, we had some really great plays. Special congrats go to L for making that base hit down the right field line!

June 30th-July 2nd - are a total blur. Who knows?

July 3rd - No work tomorrow so we headed to Finn's and stayed til last call. I haven't done that in over a year! It was great to see everyone!

July 4th - No real plans for the holiday. I slept, caught up on Wimbledon, and caught up on Tivo. I think that is a pretty good day!

July 5th - PJ's last gig at O'Brien's before heading permamently to Nashville. He promised he come back some time but we know how musicians are. Their time is their own. So we enjoyed it while it lasted. Great to see all the bandmates old and new and all the fans.

July 6th - Not only did I get to meet our new Pastor, but I also finally got to see Prince Caspian!

July 7th - Went to the Dodger game and witnessed a fantastic one-hit shut out of the Braves. I'm talking BASEBALL!

July 8th - Had to work late, but didn't miss out on dinner with T&J. Always nice to meet your friend's new beau. Especially when he has a single best friend! ;-)

July 9th - The first day since my eye infection that my eye actually started to feel normal.

July 10th - PJ's last night at Finns. So we had to go again. Even got the final photo of PJ with the Thursday Night Girls.

July 11th - Nothing much today, called in sick and slept pretty much the whole day.

July 12th - The annual Hillsides Picnic. I just love this event and this year I got to give out prizes!

July 13th - I went to the Dodger game with cousins P&A. Teh Dodgers blasted the Marlins out of the water. Then went to my softball game and the other team blasted us out of the water. Oh well!

July 14th - Today's thing was totally random. Bumped in to S on my way home from work. She was meeting friends for dinner and the restaurant was closed. So that was fun!

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marketing said...

I am so jealous, since I have not seen Prince Caspian. Haven't seen The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, either.