18 July 2008

July 15-17, 2008

July 15 - Heard from G that he didn't get the box seats for Friday night at the Bowl to see Julie Andrews (she's not singing but she is hosting a Rodgers & Hammerstein night). I was SO disappointed!! I went to the Bowl website, saw that tickets were still available and a few clicks later we had two tickets to the bench seats next to the last section of boxes. Basically, we are right behind his company's box! Excellent!

July 16 - Finally found a hotel in Barcelona that is the right combo of price, location, and amenities. The exchange rate is killing me on this vacation!! T still has to buy her plane ticket too!

July 17 - Finally got my new timeshare points added to my account and am now only missing the bonus international week. Called Handicap Girl and told her to plan on spending her birthday in Cabo!! Told the Thursday Night girls that we should combine the next Brother show with a stay in Dana Point too.

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marketing said...

Hasta la vista! Boy, are you the world traveler! May I recommend the Pimsleur series for learning Spanish in a hurry?