16 September 2007


Our last day at ACL was FANtastic. We started the day at Ryan Shaw (where we also left a chair to stake out a spot), then popped over to The Broken West. They announced they were going to be signing autographs over at the Waterloo Records tent. So we ran over there and got the CDs and got in the line and while we were there we also were able to catch Robert Earl Keene.

The guys from Broken West were really sweet. After Robert Earl Keene, we took a look at all the people coming in and decided to pass on Lucinda Williams. Instead we went back over to the stage where we had left our chair. While we were waiting for My Morning Jacket, we had to listen to Common. Didn't like that one bit. Really disappointed that Rodrigo y Gabriela weren't there because we would have been listening to them.

The best part of My Morning Jacket was that Andrew Bird sat in with them! HG had to leave right after so she took the chairs and I moved up front for Dylan. I shared my blanket with a jetski couple from Florida while we waited for Dylan to begin.

He doesn't sing the way he used to. In fact, it took some time for me to figure out what the song was. But it was a great set. Definitely worth waiting all day in the crowd.

Thank you ACL. See you next year!

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