18 August 2007

I love New York!

I just got back from a long weekend in New York. I have several new favourite spots. I met some great new people. I had the fun of being in the city the day the rain stopped the subways from running.

I will try to post some little tidbits about my trip in the next few weeks. But in case I don't, here are some places to try next time you are in the Big Apple:

The Cloisters & The Metropolitan Museum - $20 price is SUGGESTED so you can tell them what you would like to pay and they have to take it. Plus your admission is good for both places on the same day.

Dos Caminos - Park Avenue between 26th & 27th. Pretty decent margaritas and excellent guacamole but the menu is a bit too "nuevo" and the prices a bit "mucho". $70 for two for one drink and one appetizer each!

Kettle Of Fish - just north of the Christopher St station at 7th across from Sheridan Square. A classmate from Emma owns it now. If you had a bar in your living room, this would be the place. A comfortable watering hole with much more reasonable prices.

Pour - 74th & Amsterdam - a great wine boutique with free tastings, excellent staff, and great selection.

Josie's - 73rd & Amsterdam - an organic cafe with the best menu and most reasonable prices I saw on the whole trip.

Museum of Modern Art - free after 4pm on Fridays but make sure you are in line by 3pm.

Angus McIndoe - 44th across from the Majestic. A Scottish steakhouse? but the menu is excellent and the house wine (which MUST come from a box - vino collapsivo!) is excellent. Everything on the menu was fabulous and the best service I have had in a while. They even came to remind us that it was 7:30 in case we were on the way to the theatre!

Them's the highlights. Details to follow.

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