21 July 2007

Scofflaws Beware! You Have Been Warned!

I am inspired on this new series in my blog by an editorial in the New York Times. I have decided to make it my mission to record every incident of a driver who does not respect the rights of pedestrians as well as every violator of the recently enacted City Water Ordinance.

When available, I will snap photos of the offenders with my digital camera so I can illustrate their offense.

Today, we inaugurate this series with The Slut in the White Mercedes (partial license plate 5LZ) who turned left from California onto Maryland while I was in the crosswalk and couldn't even wait until I was on the other side of the yellow line before encroaching on the crosswalk. Next time I see this B@#$%, I will have my camera ready to snap her Ugly mug as well as her license plate.

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