27 February 2009

Mother definitely doesn't know best.

Today I had an email from my mother. Someone forwarded her my LinkedIn profile and she wrote to tell me how disappointed she is in me and my career.

Isn't that nice?

She actually said that she wouldn't have paid for Film School if she would have known that I would become a Financial Analyst (after working in the movie business for 17 years).

I'm just wondering. If she paid for my education, why do I still have student loan debt? Must be nice to be Bi-Polar and have selective memory.

Thankfully, my mother is not my only relative and I have pretty much cut her out of my life. I guess I am going to have to cut her all the way out. The rest of the family has, but I have been holding on to a few strands because, well, she's my mother.

OK - I'm done venting.


TC_Girl said...

Ugh, that's horrible. Well, I think you are one of the most unbelievably accomplished women that I've ever met. I honestly mean that.

It's healthy to cut people off completely but REALLY hard and very painful. You have to mourn them. It has been years since I last talked to one of my parents because I said never - under any circumstances - should that person contact me again. It changed my life.

I'll be praying for you. Hang in there... and know that you rock. :)

marketing said...

Sometimes social networking is a pain in the neck. Any parent whose child holds an HONEST job in this economy and pays taxes should be proud of a job well done.

Her Imperial Highness said...

Thank you TC Girl & Marketing. Your comments were affirmations that I really needed. I know who really loves me!