20 August 2008

August 10 - 19, 2008

August 10 - Roomie had to go to the ER with a VERY high fever, but it was just an infection and she is going to be ok. Very good thing because, naturally, a high fever makes you think of all the worst possible things it could be.

August 11 - Nothing much for today.

August 12 - Last day at the Radio station. My department took me to lunch and for complete synergy we went to the same place they took me on my first day and I had the same meal!

August 13 - Joined Massage Envy today. It's a little congratulations to myself for the new job. I had the trial massage today and it was really great. I have a lot of issues with my back and neck since I sit a lot at my job so I love the idea of being able to get a massage every month. Plus the membership price works out to $1 per minute which is REALLY good for LA!

August 14 - Went to Temecula today on the Metrolink to visit the author of GollyBlogHowdy. We had a lovely visit, got our toenails done, did a bit of wine tasting and it was great fun. We decided that we need to plan a whole weekend because these random days just aren't enough time.

August 15 & 16 - I did nothing for two days but watch the Olympics on TV. The amount of Olympics coverage really astounds me. But it definitely makes me want to go and be a spectator too. Maybe London in 2012?

August 17 - Went to a D&L's daughter's second birthday party. It was great to see them. It's amazing how little you see your friends when they get married and have kids and you are single with no kids. Your lives just get to be too different.

August 18 - Today I went to New Hire Orientation! This is a laugh since I formerly worked for this company for 17 years. But their policy is that if you are gone more than 11 months, you need to go to orientation. But the upside is that I was paid for a whole day, got breakfast and lunch, and got to basically do an 8 hour meet & greet with people I knew in my former life here. i learned a few new things too and also met some new people from my division.

August 19 - First day in my new job! One of the folks from yesterday has the cube opposite me. He is on a three year post MBA fellowship so he will be with us for a year and then move one to another group. There are two other guys in that fellowship and they will both come to us for a year as well. The only problem is that he not only went to Dana Hills High but also Michigan. We have agreed to not speak during football season unless it is required for work purposes.

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Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new (old) job.